Run to change

I run to move… I move to change.

Become the best version to yourself through exercise

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Yo corro.

Corro para moverme
Me muevo… para cambiar

Cambio en cada pensamiento… en cada nueva meta,
en cada decisión…

En mi visión de lo que quiero ser…
Y cuando muevo mi voluntad para lograrlo.

Yo corro contra mi mismo…

Respiro profundo todo lo que necesito para cambiar…
Y exhalo… sacando lo que NO ocupo más de mi…

Cada pisada me alejo de lo que fui,
y la que sigue… Me acerca a una mejor versión de mi.

Yo corro.

Corro para moverme
Me muevo… para cambiar

ALFA Runners began in 2016 thanks to Dr. Diana Vázquez’s vision. She realized that although the company somewhat supported its runners, an integral approach was missing. She listened to the actual needs of the company’s employees and created this initiative.

Today, the 100 members of this team of runners have nutritional and medical guidance, training facilities, a dedicated coach, and support during marathons and races. Besides being a way to promote a healthy lifestyle, ALFA Runners makes people of different areas come together and share a passion.

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