Stuck in the present

The notion of time has changed during the pandemic.

The notion of time has changed during the pandemic.

Do you feel like every day is the same? Are months passing you by too fast? You’re not alone in this feeling! It’s due to the syndrome of “forced present-ism” and our perception of time.

The particularity of time
Have you ever heard the phrase time flies when you are having fun

When we have a pleasant experience, time seems to speed up because we stop thinking about it.

On the contrary, when we experience an uncomfortable situation, time seems to slow down.

What happens during the pandemic

Being confined to the same space affects our routine and, therefore, the way we experience time.

Not knowing what day of the week it is, feeling that everything stops and wondering how months passed by so quickly … are symptoms of “forced present-ism “.

anthropologist Jane Guyer
the inability to plan into the future makes us long for the past more than ever

Learn to manage your time! Create new routines and strategies so that working hours do not fly away.

And when you feel like everything is happening in slow motion, just enjoy the view! You may soon miss the slow pace you are now on.

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