A year of stories

Thank you for this first year of moments, laughter, innovation and challenges conquered.

Great Minds

The role of experts at ALFA: their meaning and duty

Before and After

Can you recall what you used before Whatsapp, Instagram, Spotify, and Netflix?

Becoming Digital

Digitalization is not the future. It’s already here.


What is it that makes us try again, not give up?

Speeches that Motivate

You can also be epic. Don't believe us? Watch this video.

Movies that Keep you Going

Stories that will inspire you to keep going... while entertaining you


In this issue we get rid of the fear surrounding feedback. You'll welcome the words 'it's feedback time' after reading it.

Feedback a ALFA Live

Tell us what you think about ALFA Live! Give us your feedback and share what you’d like to see.


What is commitment actually about?