ALFA Meetings: Paulo Bravo

A chat with Paulo Bravo

ALFA Meetings: José de Jesús Valdez

A chat with José de Jesús Valdez

Dreams do come true

Einstein said that in a crisis, imagination is more important than knowledge. This story proves it!

ALFA Meetings: Enrique Estrada

A chat with Enrique Estrada

How green are you?

Discover how much you really know about ecology with this simple quiz.

The chemistry of things

Discover what moves Alpek every day to generate solutions thinking about the future

Creating what the future needs

What product or process should we innovate? Learn Iván de la Peña’s answer to this question.

Will of Steel

Once upon a time, in the faraway lands of Salamanca, Guanajuato…

Apps that connect

Alpek makes feedback an everyday activity through technology. No more complicated schedules.

United by Technology

This technological bond gives amazing opportunities to Indelpro’s employees. Discover them!