Reinventing the future

Innovate to survive? Watch this video and discover what makes Nemak stay ahead.

ALFA Meetings: Jan Moeller

A chat with Jan Moeller

ALFA Meetings: Armando Tamez

A chat with Armando Tamez

ALFA Meetings: Ramesh S V

A chat with Ramesh S V

ALFA Meetings: Lucy Wildman

Chatting with Lucy Wildman

It all starts with you

Be part of the shift towards a more sustainable community.

From idea to reality

9 tips to prototype any project

The future of automotive lighting

Listen to the interview with Knut Bentin and discover the needs of the future of automotive lightening.

A universe of data

You’ll never believe what is the mastermind behind Nemak’s data

Dialogues with Value

You think feedback only works one-on-one? Be ready to change your mind! This story will make you see it differently.