More than food

What happens when you put +45,000 together with a common purpose?

Microscopic Battle: The Finale

The finale. Meet your allies in this microscopic war that is fought from your stomach.

Microscopic Battle

Did you know a battle wages inside your stomach every day? This video miniseries explains the characters in it.

The Digital Road

Discover how Sigma uses technology to reach more clients

Unsung Heroes

What's it like to answer hundreds of calls a day about thefts, crashes, accidents?

Feedback 1, 2, 3

Watch this video and see why giving feedback is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just remember: situation, behaviour, impact!

Achieving the Extraordinary

Get to know the amazing relationship between Sigma’s Jonathan and one of his favorite clients

Counter current

Discover who you are, fight the tide... transcend!

Painting gray areas

Find yourself stuck with the same problem time and time again? Say 'no more!' with these 7 steps.

Deciphering Diversity

Are you one of the profiles identified by Sigma? Find out with this video if they have you all figured out.