Magic Combinations

When technology and tradition complement each other

Magic Combinations

When technology and tradition complement each other

Terza is internationally recognized for its production of carpets and synthetic grass but for some years there’s another division where they’ve begun to build a name: blinds.

Being a highly competitive industry, Terza knew they would have a long way to go before becoming a leader … So they decided to start with a digital weapon up their sleeve: the modern Blinds Configurator.

This powerful tool, used by 100% of Terza Blinds customers, is a webpage where they choose each element of their blinds: from the mechanism, the type of fabric and its color, finishes, exact measurements, and more. The client is completely responsible for the configuration they make and this information goes directly to the ERP system at Terza.

Once the order is received, it makes its way to production and assembly. This is where the digital and tradicional worlds merge.

Step 1: the fabric.

A specialized software assesses the amount of fabric required and calculates how the cuts should be made according to the client’s order and the characteristics of the roll to achieve the lowest waste possible. The collaborator only needs place the fabric and the cutter does the rest.

Once cut, it’s rolled up and goes straight to assembly.

Step 2: the assembly.

This is where the blind takes shape. First, a pipe with the appropriate measurements is placed, the fabric is pasted and the mechanisms are installed.

Step 3: quality control.

Because quality distinguishes Terza, every manufactured blind goes through a quality control, where they test the cord or motor to raise and lower the shutter.

Step 4: shipping.

Finally, it is placed in a box with the client’s data and the necessary components.

That’s it! We have a totally personalized blind, built precisely to client’s needs.

Another huge advantage of the Blinds Configurator is that it blocks combinations that are not manufacturable. This avoids sending something that is not functional to production. By practically eliminating waste and having an almost non-existent margin of error, the prices they offer are highyl competitive.

This is not the only way in which Terza lives digitalization. Through the Terza Home portal, customers and distributors can reserve materials, place orders, and more through the Internet. Thus, commercial transactions are more agile and effective.

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