From idea to reality

9 lessons on prototyping a project

From idea to reality

9 lessons on prototyping a project

For 20 years, Fernando Sánchez, Product Development for North America, has amassed an unmatched amount of experiences and wisdom at Nemak. After developing suppliers, accelerating processes to shorten delivery times and collaborating with universities and other experts, Fernando leaves us nine pearls of wisdom to successfully undertake your next project.

erfect the process. Be clear about your steps and look after each one. At Nemak, the process to make a new product includes receiving the models, analyzing what the customer requires, going from digital designs to actual production and delivering a finished product to the customer.

enew yourself. Previously, customers came to Nemak with a complete prototype or design and they were only in charge of manufacturing. After seeing it as a business opportunity, they now take on the project from scratch and make prototypes in their own plants. Maybe that process you always do has the potential of becoming something much greater …

bstacles are inevitable so try, fail and try again. Iterating with prototypes happens every day at Nemak: making a computer model and taking it to production are very different stories. The same goes for ideas: we won’t know if what we put down on paper works until we put it in practice.

ime. The most important and valuable resource we have. At Nemak they know this perfectly: what used to take 36 months now only takes nine. This goes from the initial design to the delivery of the final product and manual.

verride fear like Fernando and his team. “Nemak does not back down. The line to make things easily is very long. We must choose the other direction.”

ransform yourself along with the process you live. Everything you learn will help you with future projects. Each step is a learning experience and will nurture you. Don’t be afraid to transform your idea as well: as we said before, renewing ourselves is vital to having a winner idea.

ou can find inspiration anywhere. That spark of creativity can come from the most unexpected place. If you have an open mind and are receptive to possibilities, you will surely find a solution faster.

repare and listen. “Read everything you have to read, understand what you have to do make more accurate suggestions. Listen to people and let it end; We all have valuable ideas.”

xperience and knowledge should be shared. Orient others. Just like these nine tips are perhaps what you needed to take that leap or finish that project, the wisdom you give others can make all the difference in someone else.

Fernando Sánchez, Product Development for North America, has a 20-year career path in Nemak. Throughout these years, he has collaborated in different departments and areas but none has been as challenging as he occupies today.

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