The thread that

connects us

There is a thread that connects us all, no matter where we come from or what we do

The thread that connects us

There is a thread that connects us all, no matter where we come from or what we do

Ramesh S V, Global Human Resources, and Edgar Herbert, Global Finance and Investor Relations, know the connecting threads of their company, those characteristics and unique peculiarities that exist regardless of which Nemak plant you visit: people’s openness, enthusiasm for innovation and pride of being part of a great family.

Even when Ramesh and Edgar’s careers have different approaches, both of them have had the opportunity of experimenting international mobility at Nemak. This has exposed them to multicultural experiences, where they found the company’s and its people’s essence, as well as confirming that these characteristics are found in every Nemak operation around the world.

Ramesh was born in Chennai, India, where his story at Nemak began. Since 2015, he moved to Nemak’s plant in Monterrey, Nuevo León and is part of Nemak Global. Edgar’s story at the company began 18 years ago, and he has had the opportunity to travel and live incredible moments at Nemak’s plants in Germany and the United States.

For them, finding the traits that make us similar was essential in opening doors and became a breaking point in their lives. They learned about going into the unknown, being far away from friends and family and realized that a process might not work the same way everywhere.

“When I arrive at a new place, the most important thing for me is to integrate as quickly as possible and enjoy the experience to the max”. – Edgar Herbert, Global Finance and Investor Relations

Getting to know the locals, integrating to the city’s routine and being a part of the community is key to living this experience to the fullest. Edgar remembers that each time he flew from Mexico to another place in the world, he made sure to bring something typical from Mexico to give as a present to his coworkers and friends.

“Taking part in an international experience builds and shapes your character like no other”. – Ramesh S V, Global Human Resources

Moving from one company to another nurtures but moving to a completely different society changes you as an individual, transforms the way you think, and opens your mind in unexpected levels. It’s an opportunity that teaches you to be fearless and to question your habits.

You, like Edgar and Ramesh, can search for that connecting thread and live an international experience through ALFA. The key is in creating, developing, and taking advantage of the opportunities you encounter. When you find yourself surrounded by people with a different way of thinking or in a country different to yours, remember Ramesh’s philosophy: to know how we are different, first we need to find out how we are the same.

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