Entrepreneurship that transcends

Entrepreneurship that transcends

ALFA is a company that has reinvented itself over the years. The services and products that we offer today don’t look anything like those of the past.

This is thanks, in huge part, to the entrepreneurial spirit that we’ve impressed in our collaborators since the beginning. Part of our mission is to facilitate spaces where entrepreneurship can happen: deleting restrictions so everyone, no matter our position, can undertake a project.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, be it inside or outside a company. It requires courage to fail and get back up; falling in love with an idea and spreading it to those around us; being curious to question everything and have a drive, an internal engine that never stops.

In this edition of ALFA Live we want to inspire you with cases of entrepreneurship inside our company: from Axtel’s Innovation HUB, passing through ALFA Foundation’s Extraacademic Centers, and the creation of the Cuídat+ line at Sigma; Planetario ALFA’s wonderful social ventures, the installation of a reactor at Akra Polyester and Nemak’s amazing innovation coaches.

Are you ready to begin?