Habit tracker for success

How’s your commitment with yourself going?

How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? We recommend you followed our tips and tricks to establish and reach your goals.

If everything’s going according to plan, congratulations! We hope you keep the engine going until you’ve reached your goal. But if you’ve had a hard time, we’d love to help out. With these habit trackers, you’ll be able to see your progress better. Print as many as you need (remember to reuse and recycle!) to write down your commitments with yourself.

With one sheet you’ll track all of your habits for a whole month. Fill a square for every day you met your goal. Remember to fill it honestly to really see your progress.

For every 14 squares filled, equal to two weeks… treat yourself! Rewards are as important as the work we do every day. Also, who doesn’t like a chocolate once in a while? Unless your goal is to eat less candy!

Tell us in the comments or with #alfalivemx on your social media profiles, how are you doing? Have your resolutions been as easy or hard as you imagined? Upload a picture of your filled habit tracker to our Moments so we can cheer you on.