Made for Flight

Nature as a reflection of our humanity

Made for Flight

Nature as a reflection of our humanity

Being completely free … that means to fly. Dare to know more about the ALFA Planetarium Aviary with Miguel Ángel Gómez Garza, the ornithologist responsible of more than 300 birds that currently inhabit this sanctuary.

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If I could, I would extend my wings like the birds.

We’re always focused on the present.

and even though the world’s pace is still very fast,

they’re still here, fluttering around us.

Some of them watch us from above,

others captivate us closely with their splendor.

It is no coincidence that they are still with us to this day.

We might have a lot in common,

more than we imagine.

The way we tackle challenges,

the way we give up something to achieve our dreams.

They, in autumn and winter, leave their safety and comfort

to migrate to an unknown place.

Some of them come back, others don’t.

If people understood the importance they have in our planet’s harmony,

we would surely  act accordingly.

That’s what this place is about.

It shows their fragility and their essential value among us.

I’ve always thought that in some mythological past, almost astral,

in a lifetime, we where birds.

After all… some say we come from a single species.

We’re still made to fly.

In 1986, ALFA Planetarium founded the first aviary in Monterrey city.

In Mexico it is the first dedicated to the birds reproduction.

It has 300 birds that cohabit in 4 thousand square meters.

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