Unsung Heroes

The faces behind Sigma’s Alert Center

Unsung Heroes

The faces behind Sigma’s Alert Center

Knowing that the person on the other end of the phone is going through an extremely difficult time, perhaps the worst of their lives, could send many into a panic. But not our friends at Sigma’s Alert Central.

If there is a place where resilience is lived every day, it’s here. Within its walls all crises, risks and threats to Sigma’s people, environment, reputation and assets are monitored.

A group of 12 people keeps an eye on – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – events such as robberies, road accidents, tracking critical routes on state, federal and international routes, social mobilizations that affect their employees, as well as high impact natural phenomenon – earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes.

Every day they make more than 400 calls to all of Mexico and sites in Latin America.

In the Alert Central, calls are received from all parts of the country and abroad, reporting emergency and risk situations, which they attend and transmit. They know prevention is their number number one priority: if they can anticipate the catastrophe, the chances of a positive result are greater.

Because of this, specialized committees for crisis management are set up everywhere Sigma is located. Nationwide, there are 37 employees at the Alert Central and 610 operatives that come into action when necessary.

September 19, 2017 is not a day they will easily forget. The earthquake with epicenter in Morelos devastated areas of Mexico City and caused great damage to the states of Morelos, Puebla, Mexico and Guerrero.

For 84 hours in a row, the employees at Alert Central channeled almost 10,000 WhatsApp messages, made 650 calls and received an insurmountable amount of them. The flow of information was such that there was neither time nor energy to panic.

Working in coordination with national Patrimonial Protection, to give real time visibility, the priority was to locate Sigma’s employees and their units, remove them from risky areas and make sure they were not in danger. All this while trying to confirm the information they received from dozens of different sources and communicating the findings to the committees.

When we are under such pressure, it’s impossible to process the magnitude of what one sees. But even so, the team managed to focus on what was important, to withstand the pressure and help those who needed it.

What can we do to protect our employees? This is the question that constantly seek to answer at Patrimonial Protection and its Alert Central. With each crisis they get closer to an answer because they always see an opportunity to learn. Even in those moments that could break their will, they return wiser and stronger.

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