Tips to work from home efficiently

Home office can be quite a challenge. Get organized to achieve it!

Tips to work from home efficiently

Home office can be quite a challenge. Get organized to achieve it!

Does it take longer than usual to complete a task? Do you feel that time is not enough? Don’t be discouraged! We tell you how to work from home successfully.

At first, working from home sounds like a fantastic idea. However, distractions and clutter can work against you and cause you to miss your daily goals. Don’t worry! Here are some simple tips to keep you focused and productive.

1. Get dressed!

The possibility of staying in pajamas all day can be tempting. Don’t fall for it! Bathing and dressing will prepare you to start the day with high spirits.

2. Find a suitable workspace

If possible, find a place that meets the functions of your office. Preferably it should be an isolated, tidy and distraction-free desk.

3. Set a specific schedule

Set a work schedule in which your team knows that you will be available and in constant communication. Measure your progress from time to time to confirm that you continue to get ahead.

4. Plan your day

Spend at least five minutes planning your activities: establish your priorities based on your objectives, follow up on pending issues and make a proposal for your activities the next day.

5. Use the right tools

There are many innovations in technology that will facilitate your work, if you are part of a company check the services portal, where you will surely find information about the technological collaboration tools they have for you. If not, take a look at Google, you will find hundreds of collaboration and remote work tools, and some of them are free.

6. Communicate constantly

Try to complement communications by email or text message with frequent interactions by call or video call, depending on the type of topic to be discussed.

7. Take active breaks

Avoid staying glued to your computer screen all day. It is important that you have a break, either to eat or just to stretch out for a while.

8. End your work day

When working from home, it is easy to exceed working hours and continue working only because”the computer is aleady open”. There will always be demands, but that doesn’t mean that you have to solve it immediately. Separate the urgent from the non-urgent, and disconnect. Thesame discipline you require to start your day, apply it to finish on time.

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