The Digital Road

How Sigma is using technology to reach its clients more efficiently

The Digital Road

How Sigma is using technology to reach its clients more efficiently

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At Sigma they started a digital transformation that seeks to change the way of thinking, working and managing the organization.

They know that the digitalization of their business practices and processes should position them competitively. After a strategic analysis of the initiatives with greater economic value and feasibility, they found that the optimization of their sales vehicles’ routes routes in the traditional channel would generate a great impact.

After all, managing 5,000 vehicles and visiting more than 300,000 customers several times each week in Mexico is not easy.

So how do you optimize the routes?

After training in Scrum, a methodology to focus, innovate and implement quickly and at low cost, as well as forming interdisciplinary and independent teams, they launched their pilot project in Querétaro.

It consists of designing, for each vehicle, the optimal sequence of customers to visit each day of the week with technologies such as data analytics and artificial intelligence models.

After many different algorithms, today Sigma not only takes into account the location of customers. It considers variables such as specific hours of operation and traffic conditions by distance and time according to the area.

The pilot project’s results have been overwhelming: the number of vehicles was reduced by almost 10% without reducing the number of customers visited, generating direct savings in the distribution.

Sigma will scale these achievements nationally, optimizing 2,700 routes with more than 300,000 customers.

This is just the beginning in the adventure of exploring and becoming efficient with digitalization.

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