Allied with technology

Information security is everyone’s responsibility

Allied with technology

Information security is everyone’s responsibility

Now that everything happens in the cloud and digital media, threats against our privacy and the information we handle are increasingly intangible and subtle. Not only is it more complicated to detect them, but to understand them.

Terms such as phishing, social engineering, hacking, scamming appear more often in the news and should be known by anyone who has contact with technology, especially if it’s related to the Internet.

Nowadays, cybersecurity is not only the responsibility of IT engineers. These new methods of hacking, scamming and more can have a direct impact on any of our lives We’re all potential targets of an attack and it is our responsibility to know how to detect and prevent them.

Information Security ALFA

ALFA operates in a technologically interconnected world, where the risks of cyber attacks to its employees increase over time. Therefore, it has set the Information Security Awareness Program in motion, with initiatives such as: communication campaigns, sessions with specialists, posting of current problems and recommendations to prevent falling into traps.

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From his office, Carlos sends a picture of his credit card via WhatsApp to a friend to pay for concert tickets.

He never knew that at that exact moment, his friend’s cell phone was intervened by a stranger who only had to copy his information to make purchases with his card.

It’s not something you don’t know: more and more blackmails and hackings are happening to people and organizations around the world.

There is a blind trust in information transmission applications, in the daily behavior of financial entities or services, and in the places where internet connections are within our reach.

The pace of our lives is so fast that we don’t stop to think that those same technologies and behaviors may be compromised.

It’s as simple as this: when you show your life on social media, it’s as if you did it on a public road. You expose yourself to unwanted people seeing your information and knowing more about you.

Using easy passwords on your devices is as simple as saying you have the best security equipment without a good lock on your door.

They can design the best strategy to trick you, have the best hacking tools or lead you to the most elaborate trap. Remember: the last line of defense are your own actions.

Think before you act.

Information Security ALFA

This campaign implemented at ALFA is key to the development of an Information Security Culture that supports employees at work and at home.

The awareness developed at ALFA, goes from defining and handling passwords safely…

To the increase in the use of sophisticated methods to gather information, such as social engineering, where we don’t know who is hiding on the other side of a suspicious phone call…

To the possibilities of being falling victim to a cyber attack thanks to information posted on social networks.

Whatever the newest threat or the most recent attack, the message is clear: information security is everyone’s responsibility.

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