Mounting an exhibition

The challenge of bringing content to ALFA Planetarium

Mounting an Exhibition

The challenge of bringing content to ALFA Planetarium

Filling the floors of traveling exhibitions of the ALFA Planetarium is not an easy task. Rosy Bustindui, Manager of Museography and Maintenance, and her team are responsible for bringing educational, didactic and interactive content to the museum. Learn about some of the obstacles they’ve had to overcome over the years.

Flying Dinosaurs

Can you imagine putting dinosaurs through a normal sized door? Us neither! The huge reptiles of the exhibition ‘Dinosaurs Made in Mexico’ would theoretically arrive in pieces from China. But since things rarely go according to plan, they came as complete pieces.

To get them into the museum, a special crane had to be hired and a piece of wall broken. So if you saw a dinosaur flying over the lobby of the Planetarium, it was not your imagination.

Complicated Permits

Since most of the exhibits are imported, all the processing for the temporary import and eventual export must be done, as well as the permits for the trucks carrying the exhibits within San Pedro, complying with the legal schedules established for this purpose.

You also have to process special documents, even to return the pieces to their place of origin! To return ‘Pop Art, the Andy Warhol Workshop’ to the United States, they had to prove to the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA in Spanish) that the works of art were not of Mexican origin … despite clearly being from a foreign artist.

If that was not enough, in each exhibition that is carried out, all texts, graphics, videos and other materials must be translated into Spanish, all before the opening date.

A Matter of Space

In case you were wondering, the peculiar cylindrical shape of ALFA Planetarium does complicate things for Rosy and her team. An exhibition that would fit in a traditional exhibition room (which is usually rectangular or square), has to be modified and compacted to fit. Making the pieces fit and still maintain consistency in the exhibition is quite a feat.

At the Mercy of Time

Although it may seem hard to believe, the weather also affects the assembly of an exhibition. ‘Big League Fun’, which talks about the science behind baseball, came from South Carolina, USA where there was a terrible hurricane sweeping the state. This caused a two-day delay in the trucks’ arrival. It may not sound like much, but when you have a week to have the exhibition ready for the public, every minute counts.

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