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Content that will show you a different angle

Netflix and Diversity

Content that will show you a different angle

Don’t let your friends tell you watching Netflix is a waste of time: here’s a list of movies and series that make a deliberate effort to be diverse, as well as funny and innovative. They show a different point of view and give a spotlight to the unrepresented.

The Most Unknown

To understand the universe and its origins, it’s not enough to be an expert in one science or discipline, we need a bigger source of knowledge to have a more complete answer.

The Most Unknown is exactly that: a group of people put together their knowledge to find this more complete answer. This documentary is evidence that even though we live or enjoy different disciplines, we speak the same language and look for the same answers: where we come from and where we’re going.

Ugly Delicious

David Chang is a renowned chef with restaurants around the world. In Ugly Delicious he analyses the same dish from the perspective of different nationalities and preparations. In the show he explores how food can be a means to be more open and diverse… because, no matter where we’re from, we must all eat.

He and his companions try very known dishes like tacos and fried chicken, but also explore dear tendons and donkey with the purpose of better understanding the culture the dish comes from and why chefs prepare it one way or another.
Get ready: Ugly Delicious will make you really hungry, so be sure to have snacks at bay.


This documentary moves even the most stoic person. Human is a collection of brief interviews to people from different parts of the world and that live realities that sometimes live on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Apart from showing very beautiful images, the documentary really makes you think about our place in the world and how we are only one person in a sea of 7 billion, and how much there’s out there to discover. You’ll meet refugees, concentration camp survivors, insurgents, teachers, doctors, and more on this journey.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction…

David Letterman is one of the most famous talk show hosts in the history of US television. On this show, he chats with people that come from different backgrounds and professions: from rappers and comedians to former presidents and activists.

In the six interviews, Letterman gets to the root of his guests’ motivations, their real motivations, he discovers what makes them tick and keep going. In this miniseries we discover two key aspects of diversity: no matter how different our pasts, we all have something in common and those who feel foreign and far away from you are really human beings like any other.

The Imitation Game

This movie tells the story of Alan Turing, inventor of the computer, and his collaboration with a group of cryptanalysts and mathematicians to break the most important code in history: Enigma.
Enigma was the machine used by Nazis during World War II to send encoded messages with the attacks and events that would take place during the day, week or month.

Their capacity to unite their talents and knowledge changed history for ever: had they not decoded Enigma, it is estimated that England would have succumbed, the landing on Normandy may have been delayed or even failed, and the War could have gone on for two or three more years.

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