Let the experts guide you

What books to read to meet and become an expert

Let the experts guide you

What books to read to meet and become an expert

What better way to meet the past’s experts than reading about their lives? And what better way to become an expert than to build new habits?

Here we have 10 book recommendations: five of them are biographies of people who changed the world with their knowledge; and the other five are books on how to create habits that will bring you closer to being an expert in the subject of your choice.

You’ll see that those who seem like incredible geniuses are human like all of us, and that greatness is achieved with small steps.

Meet the Experts

Elon Musk: Tesla, Spacex, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future / Ashlee Vance
Get to know Elon Musk since the beginnings of his education in South Africa until his arrival at the top of the business world. The author talked for more than 40 hours with the visionary and interviewed more than 300 people to get a 360 vision of the inventor and bold entrepreneur of Silicon Valley.

Einstein: His Life and Universe / Walter Isaacson
The name ‘Einstein’ should be enough to capture anyone’s attention. More than a simple biography, this books dives into his way of thinking, how the gears in the mind of this great genius moved. How he went from being a simple employee to studying the cosmos and solving the most intriguing questions about the universe.

Down and Out in Paris and London / George Orwell
Known for the dystopia of his books, Orwell tells us of his really poor life in Paris and London before becoming the prolific author we know today. With humor and non-existent pity we know what led this genius to write one of the greatest works of the 21st century.

Bossy Pants / Tina Fey
If you’re after laughter and wisdom, this book is for you. Before being Liz Lemon on 30 Rock or imitating Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey was a self-proclaimed geek with the dream of becoming a television comedian… and she did. This book includes opinions on everything: from princesses to Photoshop, the American electoral process and Italian pie with rum.

The Allure of Chanel / Paul Morand
Morand, author of the book, was in charge of writing legendary Coco Chanel’s memoirs after World War II. Based on the transcripts of their conversations, this book talks about the creator’s philosophy and the famous No. 5 perfume. More than meeting Chanel’s creator, we get to know the woman behind a brand worshiped around the world.

Habits to become an Expert
Live Big:
The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Passion, Practicality and Purpose / Ajit Nawalkha
In this book, the author shares 25 mental, physical, emotional and spiritual changes to correctly walk the path of success in entrepreneurship. It’s not only about having a great business idea, but about being aware and prepared for the changes that will undoubtedly come when you enter a new adventure.

The Practicing Mind / Thomas M. Sterner
Practice does make perfect. With this book you will learn to get the skills necessary for any activity: from reading to becoming a parent or starting a business. You’ll discover that it’s about loving the process of becoming an expert, no matter the subject. Trying, failing and trying again is the basis of success.

Steal Like an Artist / Austin Kleon
If creativity’s your thing, look no further. Let yourself be guided to a more creative and artistic life through 10 principles that go from “nothing is original” to “forget to create something in which you are an expert, create something that people want”.

Daily Rituals: How Artists Work / Mason Currey
From the minds of 161 artists, mathematicians, thinkers, writers, philosophers and screenwriters we learn the habits they use to get from day to day. Kafka, Agatha Christie, Picasso, Tolstoy and Woody Allen are just some of the minds you can delve into in this book … all of them full of genius.

The Power of Habit / Charles Duhigg
Why do habits exist and how can we change them? This is the precise question the book by Duhigg explores. Its premise is that the success behind eating well, achieving a goal, having a successful business or anything else is in understanding how the habits that form with us along the way work.

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