Relax and Learn

Valuable content to make the most of your spare time

Relax and Learn

Valuable content to make the most of your spare time

What better way to spend your spare time than watching or hearing fun and nourishing content at the same time? We undertook the task of finding YouTube channels, podcasts and Netflix documentaries so that you have something to enjoy during those hours spent on the couch.


This documentary will make you believe in humanity and question reality at the same time. Go is a 200-year-old Chinese board game, considered by many as one of the most complicated in history by the sheer amount of combinations possible. It’s the equivalent of oriental chess, but way more complicated.

For many years, engineers had tried to teach computers packed with artificial intelligence how to play this ancestral game without success… until AlphaGo. This documentary shows how this AI program plays against the Go world champion and what it might mean for humanity if the program wins.


Who doesn’t love dogs? Everyone, even when we don’t really like them, completely melts at the sight of a puppy. This documentary series talks about man’s best friend and how its presence in our lives makes us better.

The first episode tells the story of a girl with epilepsy and her service dog that alerts her family and friends when she’ll have a seizure. This series shows how dogs are not only playmates, but beings that can better or even save our lives.

Make sure to have a tissue at hand: you’ll surely drop some tears.

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If technology and the internet are your thing, this podcast is 100% for you. Its hosts find weird stories relating to these two themes and follow the piece where it may lead them.

For example, in episode #97 “What Kind of Idiot Gets Phished?” they explore the email phishing phenomenon and how easy it is to fall for it. In the two-part story called “Long Distance”, they uncover a call center in India that dedicates itself to conning its users.

They also decipher bizarre trends found in social media, from memes to viral videos, all of it with humor and good vibes like in episode #61 “Baby King”.

Every Little Thing

This is tailor made for ultra-curious people who want to know everything about everything. Each episode of Every Little Thing talks about different curiosities, like Winnie The Pooh’s age, what the symbols on your clothes mean, how to recognize a spy and if scarecrows really do scare crows. Heads up: everything is seen through a comedic eye, so get ready to LOL. We specially recommend the “Are Babies Born with Tails?” episode if you want to laugh for a while.

Science Vs

Ever wonder what would happen to your body after a year in space? If going to the chiropractor is really beneficial to your body? Is the beepocalypse real? Are vitamins and supplements really worth it?

All this and more is answered in Science Vs. Each episode takes on the task of analyzing a subject from a scientific point of view and invites experts on the subject to share their knowledge. We specially recommend the Scott Kelly, “How A Year in Space Changes You” episode.

Great Big Story

This YouTube cannel summarizes stories about people, events or generally interesting things in 3 minutes, tops. For example, you can learn about the United Kingdom clown face registry, an artist that transforms basketball courts into masterpieces or what it feels like to be a stormtrooper.

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If history wasn’t your thing in school but you’re still intrigued by the past, Crash Course is a perfect fit for you. Even though they have videos on other subjects, their explanations on history is where they shine: in a 12-minute video they explain the agricultural revolution; another one tells the story of the Egyptian era; and others roam over the Roman empire. The next time you play trivia, you’ll surely win in the History category.

Every video has Spanish subtitles.

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This a 100% Spanish spoken channel focused on science and technology. Want to know what a quantum processor is? Intrigued about mining on the Moon? Why do insects bite us? Curiosities like these await!

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Which one was your favorite? Share your comments here and join the conversation using #ALFALiveMX on your social media profiles.

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