Becoming Digital

Digitization is not the goal, it is the way

Becoming Digital

Digitization is not the goal, it is the way.

Digitization is something every company has on their agenda. But it’s not about digitizing for the sake of it, it’s about digging into those processes that will make the company more efficient, effective and productive. Investing time to improve something irrelevant has no effect.

Although each of our businesses is in a different step of the process, experiencing a different curve, they all feel the force of disruption. And although digitalization is intrinsically linked to processes and technology, digital transformation is anchored in a transformation of people.

Now we are and spend more time with digital natives than ever, forcing previous generations to get on this technologic train. There’s the phenomenon of reverse mentoring: those less experienced in the workplace become teachers to those who have years in a position.

In this edition of ALFA Live you’ll get to know something incredible that lives in Nemak; how Sigma will optimize the routes of 5,000 vehicles; the adventures of ALFA Planetarium in social networks; what you may become if you do not use technology in your favor with Axtel; the perfect combination of technology and craftsmanship in Terza; what ALFA does to protect its employees against digital threats; and a before and after that will leave you speechless.