A Year of Stories

Thank you for this first year of moments, laughter, innovation and challenges conquered.

Habit tracker for success

We follow up on your resolutions with this printable

Unboxing the new year

We start the New Year with a fresh breath, unboxing the best year yet.

Christmas Playlist

Make your Christmas parties merry or relax drinking a hot chocolate!

12 tips for 12 resolutions

12 tricks to achieve your New Year’s resolutions

The New Year is Yours

A message from all of us at ALFA Live

Relax and Learn

Make the most of your time with these podcasts, YouTube channels and Netflix documentaries.

Don’t give up!

7 motivational wallpapers for your computer or cellphone

Collaboration with Purpose

Discover the teams that make ALFA succeed and the methods behind them.

Lights, camera, action!

You'll never see a film's credits the same way again!