A Year of Stories

Thank you for this first year of moments, laughter, innovation and challenges conquered.

A universe of data

You’ll never believe what is the mastermind behind Nemak’s data

Before and After

Can you recall what you used before Whatsapp, Instagram, Spotify, and Netflix?

To infinity and beyond!

From memes to infographics, ALFA Planetarium takes science to the digital world

Don’t Be a Dinosaur

You still print? Send versions of the same document? Leave prehistoric tech behind and ride the digital wave.

Movies that Keep you Going

Stories that will inspire you to keep going... while entertaining you

Mounting an exhibition

Can you imagine the challenges behind putting up an exhibition at ALFA Planetarium?

Dialogues with Value

You think feedback only works one-on-one? Be ready to change your mind! This story will make you see it differently.

Feedback 1, 2, 3

Watch this video and see why giving feedback is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just remember: situation, behaviour, impact!

Vision 360

You think feedback's only pointing out what’s wrong? Look at this 360º photo and prove yourself wrong.