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With Alestra Móvil, your work is done in any place and from any device you like.

Women who inspire

Meet the women who have defied the rules of their time to pursue their dreams. They have opened doors for others.

12 tips to achieve your resolutions

12 tips to achieve your resolutions

Christmas Playlist

Make your Christmas parties merry or relax drinking a hot chocolate!

Happy 4th anniversary!

We're celebrating our fourth anniversary

Don’t give up!

7 motivational wallpapers for your computer or cellphone

Leaders transforming tomorrow

Get inspired by the stories of seven ALFA Foundation graduates and how they found their calling.

Before and After

Can you recall what you used before Whatsapp, Instagram, Spotify, and Netflix?

The chemistry of things

Discover what moves Alpek every day to generate solutions thinking about the future

Peculiar Experts

Bagpipe expert? Philosophy and The Simpsons? Meet 6 peculiar (but real) subjects that you can study and become an expert on.