Let the experts guide you

10 books to meet experts and making the habits necessary to get yourself to experise

Peculiar Experts

Bagpipe expert? Philosophy and The Simpsons? Meet 6 peculiar (but real) subjects that you can study and become an expert on.

Microscopic Battle

Did you know a battle wages inside your stomach every day? This video miniseries explains the characters in it.

Creating what the future needs

What product or process should we innovate? Learn Iván de la Peña’s answer to this question.


Will the super professors at ALFA Foundation complete the mission? Read the comic and find out.

From idea to reality

9 tips to prototype any project

Made for Flight

What would you do if you could take flight? Maybe you’ll find inspiration in this video…

A year of stories

Thank you for this first year of moments, laughter, innovation and challenges conquered.

Great Minds

The role of experts at ALFA: their meaning and duty

More human than it seems

Understanding Internet security goes beyond clicks and hacks. Why is safety more important than ever?