Eyes on the Universe

Do you wonder what's out there... in a galaxy far, far away?

Awaken the future scientists

Sow science to reap innovation and development

Made for Flight

What would you do if you could take flight? Maybe you’ll find inspiration in this video…

To infinity and beyond!

From memes to infographics, ALFA Planetarium takes science to the digital world

Mounting an exhibition

Can you imagine the challenges behind putting up an exhibition at ALFA Planetarium?

ALFA Planetarium and Me

This quiz will make you melancholic and take you back to your days in school

A Planet in the City

What is Planetario ALFA to you? Take off in a 40 year space voyage of stories

Driving force, example of will

You can't imagine what you can find at Planetario ALFA. Let yourself be surprised by this story.

Believing is seeing

Change lives with your creativity: get to know an amazing example of social entrepreneurship.