Consumer focused innovation

Behind every product there’s a dedicated team, driven by curiosity, creativity and passion.

Achieving the Extraordinary

Get to know the amazing relationship between Sigma’s Jonathan and one of his favorite clients

The optimal path

Find yourself stuck with the same problem time and time again? Say 'no more!' with these 7 steps.

ALFA Meetings: Rodrigo Fernández

A chat with Rodrigo Fernández

ALFA Meetings: Roberto Olivares

A chat with Roberto Olivares

Unsung Heroes

What's it like to answer hundreds of calls a day about thefts, crashes, accidents?

ALFA Meetings: Grimanessa Benitez

A chat with Grimanessa Benitez

ALFA Meetings: Jesus Lobo

A chat with Jesus Lobo

The Digital Road

Discover how Sigma uses technology to reach more clients

Conquering the World

You can also be epic. Don't believe us? Watch this video.