Happy 4th anniversary!

We're celebrating our fourth anniversary

Consumer focused innovation

Behind every product there’s a dedicated team, driven by curiosity, creativity and passion.

The chemistry of things

Discover what moves Alpek every day to generate solutions thinking about the future

Moving lives through education

ALFA Foundation holds the key to promoting social mobility.

The skills of the future

These are the soft skills that will help you stand out in your work.

Report or delete: a heroic action

Taking care of your digital hygiene is more important than you imagine.

The future starts today

Young students from Preparatoria ALFA Fundación push environmental regeneration in Nuevo León.

Achieving the Extraordinary

Get to know the amazing relationship between Sigma’s Jonathan and one of his favorite clients

Run to change

Become the best version to yourself through exercise

Don’t be a dinosaur

You still print? Send versions of the same document? Leave prehistoric tech behind and ride the digital wave.