Every new story, always has a beginning

It all starts with you

Be part of the shift towards a more sustainable community.

The future starts today

Young students from Preparatoria ALFA Fundación push environmental regeneration in Nuevo León.

Stop the electronic trash !

Find out what happens with your electronic devices when you decide to recycle them

The chemistry of things

Discover what moves Alpek every day to generate solutions thinking about the future

How to Be Invincible

Why, even through adversity, do we keep going?

The power of all

ALFA is much more than the sum of its parts. It's the sum of their stories, their achievements

The power of the invisible

Conoce más de cómo viven su propósito en Axtel a través de redes invisibles presentes en todas partes.

The future of automotive lighting

Listen to the interview with Knut Bentin and discover the needs of the future of automotive lightening.

More than food

What happens when you put +45,000 together with a common purpose?