A universe of data

Get to know the system that lives inside Nemak

A universe of data

Get to know the system that lives inside Nemak

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This system was born at Nemak to obtain operations data in real time. They discovered that they could use it for much more.

It helps Nemak employees to better understand their processes, analyzing more than 500 variables of each piece from its creation.

It gets information from 35 plants around the world and allows Nemak to see what happens in production areas in real time.

It translates digital signals into information that they can understand and is fundamental in making decisions. It’s much more than bits of information…

After 10 years, its capacity has grown to the point of extending to 11 languages.

Its reach encompasses more than 2,000 machines that transmit information from the production line at every moment.

It provides tools to make decisions.

Together they create the universe of data that helps operational excellence.

It’s present in their processes, helping them to communicate at all times. It allows them to evolve to a better version of what they are.

Its name is NORIS.

Nemak Real Time Operations Information System

Nemak continues to work to improve the functionality of NORIS by expanding its capabilities for the challenges of the industry.

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