Report or delete: a heroic action

Taking care of your digital hygiene is more important than you imagine.

We have the responsibility of moderating and reviewing the information we handle online.

We have all encountered a suspicious email in our inbox at some point: from an alleged trip we won, to someone posing as our bank alerting us to a strange charge. Be careful! Although it may seem real at first glance, you might be the target of a cyber attack.

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Phishing is an increasingly common method of tricking people into sharing confidential information such as passwords and bank accounts. Do not fall for this trap! Protecting your data and that of others, is in your hands. For this reason, Axtel provides the following tips to avoid falling victim to malicious emails:

– Always check the email address of the person sending the information

– Never open unknown attachments

– Verify the authenticity of the URLs before clicking (even if you’re dying of curiosity)

– Don’t forward suspicious chain mails

– If you don’t trust the information, report and delete the email

Everyone’s safety depends on your personal digital hygiene.

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