360 Vision

Feedback goes beyond results

360 Vision

Feedback goes beyond results

When you think about feedback, you probably think about receiving comments about how to make better reports, how to reach your goals, how to be a better leader. However, Axtel knows that feedback is much, much more.

We recommend using Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge to make the most of the experience.

We can all grow: feedback is by everyone, for everyone.
Axtel wants to break the perception that feedback can only trickle down from bosses to subordinates: feedback is for everyone because we can all grow and be better.

The 360º Evaluation is answered by one’s boss, peers, clients, and subordinates.
Who better to evaluate us than those we spend time with every day? Originally, feedback came downwards, from bosses to subordinates. Now, the perspective is of 360º. By including more people that have constant contact with the reviewed person, you achieve a more integral vision, more objectivity, and lessen the probability of bias.

Your perception of yourself is compared with others’ perception of you.
Axtel recognizes that knowing how others perceive us is essential to achieve coherence between our own perception and others’.

Digital feedback is complemented with a face-to-face session.
Even though these types of tools are incredibly valuable, nothing compares with face-to-face dialogue.

That is, after every evaluation process, reach out to those that reviewed you or that you reviewed and complement the review process with a face-to-face exchange like Axtel does.

It’s not all about quantity, but about quality too.
To go beyond a number, Axtel decided to analyze if employees not only reached their results but how they did it.

These types of reviews and every type of feedback help detect blind spots and remind the employee that their actions, positive and negative, have an impact on the organization.

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